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Tenant Events for Commercial Property Managers

Why offer a tenant event at your property?
We have been doing Headshot Tenant events in Denver for years.  Some of our repeat buildings include The Wells Fargo Center,  555 17th Street, 1660 Linc, Republic Plaza and others.  They are always well received by the tenants.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Convenience. Rather than spending time searching for a photographer and booking a morning or afternoon away from the office, they simply book online and take the elevator to the location of the shoot.   Done in less than 30 minutes!​

  • Quality.  Having photographed thousands of headshots over the years, I have a perfect system of lighting, backgrounds and the ability to bring out the best in people.  See sample images here.

  • Affordability.  Pricing is 50% less than our normal, reasonable pricing.  Pricing for one individual is normally $325.  For these events however, that price is reduced to $145!  This can even be less if a tenant has several individuals who would like to participate. 

The Process is simple:
  • There is no charge for the participating property owners.
  • Three weeks before the event date, you send an email to your tenants followed by a few reminders.
  • That's it!  We do the rest. The tenants are directed to a scheduling page where they can sign up for a convenient slot.
  • After the shoot, they will have access to an online private gallery of their images where they can make their selection.  
  • Within 7 days of making their selection, they will receive a retouched, high resolution, copyright free digital file.
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