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Visual School of Photography

Happy Student Reviews




"Bart is incredible! He makes photography fun instead of frustrating! He teaches how to use your camera in terms that are easy to understand and remember! I had a ton of AHH HA moments!  Loved it!  Best beginning photography class in Denver!


"Bart is a very engaging instructor who is obviously very knowledgeable in photography. He explained how the camera operates in order to help us better understand why we have to do certain things when taking a photograph. It was a helpful and entertaining class. "



"Great class, teacher. Very informative and motivated me in my photography. Learned a lot of new things on my camera that I hadn't know was on it, or how to use things that I did know were on it. But didn't use them before the class due to not knowing how and when to use them. THANK YOU!!!! "


"He was a great instructor. Explained everything very clearly and never acted like

any question was dumb. "



"Bart was great!  He went over a very technical subject in an easy to understand manner and was entertaining to boot. I would definitely recommend him to friends (and already have) and would likely take another class with him."


"Bart is a great instructor and adds humor to the class. I had a blast learning all about my camera and taking great pictures."


"Bart, the instructor, was super great. He was so patient and has a knack for teaching . He has a great understanding and knowledge of many DSLR cameras, as well as the field of photography. I definitely recommend this course to any one with a camera that is looking to get off of auto mode and dive into the wonderful world of manual."


"Excellent class. Bart Levy is a great teacher, funny, and an experienced and highly skilled photographer. He covers a lot of information in the class. An excellent value. "

"Bart Levy, the instructor, is knowledgeable and a terrific instructor...understandable, easy to follow, takes time to answer questions...and is very funny. I highly recommend his courses."




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