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Visual School of Photography

As with all of us, I remain committed to providing quality photography instruction an a safe way throughout the remainder of the pandemic.  Private lessons are always the best way to provide the most robust learning experience.  Although I love the group lessons, they are not feasible now as many of the venues I typically use are not available at this time.  Here's a few great options!

Learning Options

  • A Two Hour One on One Learning session with Bart

Let's get you off to a fast start.  We'll pour over your camera and get you headed in the right direction.  We can start from scratch and move as quickly as you are comfortable with covering much of the need to know basics.  This is the perfect starting point to see if you enjoy our teaching style.  Or, if you have a specific area of concern, we can attack that right away!   We can stop there or if you feel like moving on to one of our other programs, we'll pro rate your investment and apply it to the program of your choice.  We'll have a phone conversation first and select the most important topics from the offerings below to focus on.

Investment $475

  • Three Part Digital Photography Made Easy Program

Three well planned 2-hour sessions, one on one with Bart.  We'll tailor this program specifically to your needs.  Using the offerings below from the Five Part Session below, we will plan each outing in advance to make sure not a moment is wasted.  Designed to optimize a concise quick start to cover all the essentials you need to launch your photography journey. Investment $1250

  • Five Part Digital Photography Made Easy Program

Below is a sample curriculum.  We will have an extensive conversation before we get started and develop the perfect program just for you.  Focusing on your strengths,   weaknesses and areas of interest. Investment $1975

Sample Curriculum

Part One:  The Basics Two Hours

You and me, one on one, learning the essentials of photography and how to understand how to find the necessary controls on your specific camera.​

  • How a camera works so you can think like it does.

  • Understanding the three components of exposure. 

  • Aperture or f stops, (How much light is passing through your lens at any given moment.

  • Shutter Speed (How long that light is allowed to hit the sensor or film.

  • ISO (How sensitive your camera is to light.

  • Artistic uses of Shutter Speed. Stopping and showing motion.

  • Artistic uses of Aperture.  Depth of field and focus.

  • Focus modes.  Continuous or Single shot.

  • Focus area modes.  Exactly what your camera focuses on as you look through the viewfinder.

  • File sizes and formats.  Raw vs. Jpeg.

Part Two:  Two hours applying the above concepts hands on in the field.

Now that you have an idea of what the basics are, let's start practicing.​  We'll meet a variety of convenient locations and take the next steps.

  • Perfecting Exposure in the field.  This is critical!   Experimenting with Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure Compensation.

  • Focus, Focus, Focus!  Getting those images as sharp as possible and choosing where in the frame you want the camera to focus.

  • Quality of image.  As the ISO (the camera's sensitivity to light) goes up, the quality of the image goes down.  How we deal with that.

  • Composition.  Where to place the subject in the frame for trhe most pleasing effect.  Experimenting with concepts like 'The rule of thirds' and Natural Framing'

Part Three:  Two hours of Photoshop training.

  • Taking a raw image and preparing it for digital or printing use.

  • Correcting flaws and enhancing specific areas of an image. 

  • Using the variety of tools available work Photoshop magic.

  • Changing images from color to black and white or a variety of other effects.

  • Making panels an other creative ways of presenting your work.

Parts Four and Five:

  • Focusing specifically on your area of interest.  Be it Portraiture, Sports, Landscapes, Birding, Wildlife and more!!

Like what you see so far?  Want to hear more?  Let's have a conversation and talk about your photography journey, see if we're a good fit!  Contact me by:

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