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Headshot Ordering Instructions
for RES 

Use the Access Code you were given at the photoshoot!

Retouched Images

The complimentary package provided by RES includes the photography session as well as one retouched high resolution digital image.  There is an additional charge of $50 per image for any additional retouched images which you may purchase on your own..

Un-Retouched (as is) Images

You can also purchase the un-retouched images for $35 each or $125 for the entire gallery.

Please keep this in mind when viewing the gallery. The images are raw and not retouched. Once you make your selection, we will do the following:

  • Color correct.

  • Retouch the image including; soften facial and neck lines, tone down shine on face and forehead, remove stray hairs, remove blemishes and fix any irregularities in the background. 

  • It is best to view the images on a desktop or laptop as sometimes it is difficult to see the file name on a mobile device.  When you enter your gallery, simply left click on the first image and it will enlarge with the thumbnails underneath.  Once enlarged, identify the image with the number that appears above it on the right, in parenthesis just after the date. For example: RES_05_16_2024 (22).  Here we would need the #22.


Ready to order?
Awesome!  Simply send us an email to  Tell us the picture number and we'll get started.  Your edited image will be returned to you within 7 days.  If you do not receive it, PLEASE contact us at 303-369-6990, as we may not have received your email. 
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